Relax, Rejuvenate & Refresh

The Luxe Paradise team prides itself in providing quality customer service as well as quality in the actual service you are receiving. We strive to provide you with an unforgettable experience, while we cater to all your beauty needs.

Enjoy paradise, the luxe way!

Monthly Specials

To keep things new and interesting for our clients, we offer a few different specials every month. These specials are only available when booking online.



Nails + Lashes

Medium Full Set + Volume Lashes

$105 (Valued at $205)

Medium Full Set Only $35 (reg. $45)

Volume Lashes Only $100 (reg. $160)

Body Contour + Facial

Booty Plumping + Booticial

$120 (Valued at $180)

Booty Plumping Only $80 (reg. $100)

Booticial Only $60 (reg. $80)


Wash + Frontal Wig Install

$80 (Valued at $160)

Wash Only $40 (reg. $50)

Frontal Wig Install Only $70 (reg. $110)

What's New At Luxe Paradise

We will now have digit rewards! For every 1 dollar you spend, earns you one point. There will be many different rewards you can redeem, once you have earned enough points. Rewards will range in price. For those who currently have our loyalty card, you can either continue to use it until its finished, or trade it in to earn 20 points per stamp/signature. 


Wait a minute! Don't go just yet! We are also giving you digit rewards for referring your friends! Yes that's right, no more pesky gift cards. Not only that, but the second your friend tells us you referred them, we will automatically add your rewards to your count. We used to give $25 gift cards, now you will earn 50 points for every friend you refer. Amazing, right?!