Q. How can I make my hair grow?

A. You should deep treat your hair once a month, trim and style with a protective style. Also apply hair growth oil to your scalp.


Q. Why are my natural nails turning green?

A. Moisture accumulates between the natural nail and the nail extension. It is important to completely remove and reapply.


Q. Do I still have to exercise?

A. You should maintain a proper exercise routine, as body contour is not to be considered a substitute for exercise.


Q. How long does my teeth whitening lasts?

A. The tooth can be easily stained, depending on what is consumed, which will shorten the longevity of the results.


Q. Most my lashes fell off, can I get a fill?

A. You will need to have at least 40% of your lashes remaining, in order to get a fill, and 80% of your lashes for a mini fill.


Q. Why did I break out after my facial?

A. You skin is flushing out the toxins under the surface of your skin, and the breakout should end or calm down within 24 - 48 hours.


Q. Can I put makeup on?

A. You should avoid putting makeup on your brows for at least 2 weeks after session, to avoid the risk of infection.


Q. Can I shave between sessions?

A. Shaving between sessions will not allow your hair growth cycle to regulate, and each session will feel like the first, all over again.