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Our team of highly skilled aestheticians are here to provide you with top quality service, and an experience like no other. From the moment you enter our salon, to the second you leave, we promise to having you feeling your very best.


We offer a wide range of services to ensure you are able to get the pampering treatment you deserve. 

If you're unsure of which service you'd like/need, you are welcomed to book a free 15-30 minute consultation.


Waxing a better solution than shaving and hair removal cream. It removes the hair from the root, as opposed to where it breaks the skin. It also tends to leave the skin much smoother and softer. With waxing, the hair takes much longer to grow back in, typically 4-6 weeks; depending on the hair growth cycle. Waxing on a regular basis will also help to regulate the hair growth cycle. It will also help to remove dead skin cells, as well as minimize in grown hair.


full arm $40

half arm $25

hands $10

arm pits $25

upper back $25

lower back $20

full back $40

chest $20

upper stomach $15

lower stomach $20

full stomach $30


brows $20

sideburns $15

chin $10

cheeks $10

nose $10

upper lip $15

full face $35



full leg $75

half leg $40

feet $10

bikini line $25

upper bikini $25

full bikini $40

inner thigh $30

booty $25

between the cheeks $40

full brazilian $65

The prices listed are for sugaring. We have other available: Hard Wax, Soft Wax & Nufree Wax. When booking, please leave a message when booking, and list the type of wax you'd like.

Hard Wax -5% | Soft Wax -10% | Nufree Wax +5%